Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal with laser treatment

The new Spectra XT laser is the leading technology with it latest generation laser to remove unwanted tattoos.

The treatment will be develop in order to each tattoo, because it depends of the color, age, size and other factors that will be review in the appointment by our dermatologist. 

The tattoo ink is in the dermis, the deeper skin layer. With time, as natural, the ink fades to give the tattoo a washed or stained look.

The medical lasers use a beam of light to considerably reduce or eliminate the tattoos. When the ink particle absorbs the laser light, it dissolves in fragments that with time are absorb by the immunological system. In general, the process takes a few weeks. Depending on the size if the tattoo, it will be the amounts of sessions that will be need it to dissolve the ink particles.

Although the darker or black ink colors responds better to the treatment, this devices include a variety of wavelengths that can successfully treat the full spectrum of colors seen in modern tattoos. The treatment of tattoos can be carried out any part of the body.

The treatment last form 4 to 6 sessions, that will be review in the appointment with the dermatologist.

The most advantage with Spectra XT laser is that prevents skin burns, achieving a safe tattoo removal.

Eliminates the whole tattoo without scarring our skin.

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