LEONARDO Dual 45 - Laser Lipolysis

Minimally invasive laser therapy for the reduction of adipose cells and body contouring

With the LEONARDO® Dual 45 diode laser system, biolitec Vista GmbH presents its latest innovation in the field of laser technology for minimally invasive contour shaping: a laser procedure performed in an outpatient clinic under local anesthesia in which, via tiny incisions in the skin, fatty tissue is targeted and gently liquefied and the overlying skin is tightened.

The benefits compared to conventional liposuction are:

- Improved skin tightening due to the laser stimulating the collagen under the skin
- Can also be performed in very small areas where the standard techniques are associated with esthetic risks
- Quicker healing and less downtime

Mode of action

With laser lipolysis carried out with the LEONARDO® Dual 45, fat cells are liquefied using a very precise laser beam. The energy of the diode laser is converted into heat and this gently dissolves the fat tissue. The capillaries supplying blood and the surrounding connective tissue are also heated during the process. This heating results in immediate hemostasis and, via the regeneration of collagen fibers, leads to a visible tightening of the subcutaneous connective tissue and skin.

Applications for fat reduction and tissue firming

- Upper eyelid
- Lower eyelid
- Cheeks
- Chin
- Neck
- Upper arm
- Breast
- Abdomen
- Back
- Hip
- Bottom
- Thigh
- Knee

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