Facial Treatments

Hollywood Laser Peel

This treatment is also known as Spectra Peel and it does not require recovery time. It can be done at any time of the year, and now, even in the summer.

It is a not invasive treatment that will help to rejuvenate the aged skin. It is also safe, effective and it can be done in most types of skins. It is a great choice to get a quick skin refresh without the need of recovery time.

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This treatment corrects the spots on the skin with Laser Spectra, which was designed to treat a large number of lesions and dermatological and aesthetic imperfections, such as skin lesions, keloids, inflammatory acne and its aftermaths, among other types of skin blemishes.

The Laser Spectra technology will help you achieve a hydrated skin, smoother on the outside and healthier at the inside, with a relaxed and toned appearance and decreasing skin spots caused by various factors.

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Intensif RF

The Intensif RF Microneedle system is an FDA-cleared technology designed to help rejuvenate skin by improving skin tone and texture, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and scars.

The Intensif RF treatment uses “microneedles” to safely deliver fractional radio-frequency (RF) energy to specific locations into the deeper skin layer known as the dermis. This energy promotes the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, and over time the targeted tissue is replaced by healthy, younger-looking skin. Results can be expected within several weeks, however optimal results typically occur after a series of several treatments up until one year after the last session.

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Endymed Pro

Endymed manage the power and deepness of the RF energy deliver into the skin, with the best precision in the market.

The combination of the 3DEEP RF localized energy with its ergonomic special design, offers almost the double of energy that others RF hand piece of similar size, and also keeps for more time the heat in the tissue, after the end of the treatment, giving more effectiveness.

  • • More potency, shorter treatments and up to 50% faster.
  • • Achieves and maintains the highest temperature in the tissue for optimal remodeling of collagen.
  • • Provides superior volumetric heating, with the deepest average heating depth.
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Skin Light

Skin light is a new generation machine for anti aging treatments that we have in our clinic.

  • Results: removes all issues that came form cutaneous dehydration. Removes the loose skin, spots, acne and wrinkles.
  • Treatment’s duration: 60 minutes.
  • Benefits: Non-invasive and painless treatments. Prevention of skin aging.
  • Recommended frequency: 4 sessions every 14 days.
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Facial revitalization with Filorga

From the exclusive Filorga laboratories that are pioneers in the facial rejuvenation.

  • Filorga NCFT 135HA is a unique poly-revitalizing cocktail that has 55 active ingredients that allows the integral revitalization and a deeper hydration of skins with lack of luminosity, tone, elasticity and firmness.
  • It can treat the face, neck, hands, arms, legs and abdomen.
  • The cocktail has 14 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 6 co-enzymes, 5 nucleobases, 4 minerals and 2 anti-oxidants.
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Korean thread lift

The long postoperative of the traditional facelift are over. Take years off in just 10 minutes!

  • Reaffirm the face contour and neck.
  • Smooth the wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Reduce the eye contour wrinkles.
  • Lift cheeks and eyebrows.
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Laser Harmony

EHarmony is the world’s most sophisticated, expandable platform for aesthetic laser and light treatments. It is the ONLY system to offer 9 distinct technologies in one affordable, upgradeable platform:

  • Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) – Pulsed Light based technology for a range of skin treatments NIR – Light based technology for ST
  • Pulsed UVB – Light based technology for restoration of lost pigment and other conditions
  • Long Pulsed Nd:YAG – Laser for leg veins and deeper vascular lesions
  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG – Laser for deep pigmented lesions and tattoo removal:YAG de pulso corto, para el tratamiento de lesiones pigmentadas y eliminación de tatuajes.
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