Doctor RM

Rubén Mühlberger


Dr. Rubén Mühlberger is a cosmetic surgeon renown both national and internationally. He specializes in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine. He is the chief director of the Mühlberger Clinic, named after him, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the ex-chief of the center of cosmetic and anti-aging medicine located in Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Mühlberger has been trained in the best aesthetical and anti-aging medical centers, and belongs to different international societies who indorse his practices. He has brought expertise in genomic therapy, biocellular and biomolecular treatments, from France, Belgium, Germany and Russia.

With more than 25 years of experience within the universe of orthomolecular therapies, in 2000, Dr. Mühlberger brought to Argentina the non-surgical thread lift lifting technic. Soon after that, he developed the 3D lifting, and, in 2005, the concept of “Naturist Aesthetic”. In 2010, he was knowledge as the specialist in anti-aging, and in 2011 he perfected his knowledge in genomic studies, establishing himself within the best specialist in the world.

Klinik Mühlberger

Buda’s philosophy

When Klinik Mühlberger was first devised, we thought about the most exclusive and sophisticated centers of the world. Nevertheless, the idea of this new center was also influence by Buda’s philosophy, with its style that seeks harmony using natural materials, fragrances and simplicity.

That is how we arrived with the use of the color white for walls, ceiling and floors. The touch would be given by the Feng Shui elements: we used metal for the vital structures of the building; wood in the objects; fire in the lighting; water in design fountains; and earth that drift within the center with its flowery fragrance.

The East’s good vibes came here to stay, because everything became to be about relax and pleasure.

Feng Shui elements

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

They trust in Dr. RM

Marcelo Polino Beto Casella Marcelo de Bellis Susana Gimenez Moria Casán Andrea Bursten

Books by Dr. RM

Dr. Mühlberger is the author of many anti aging medicine books.

After the successful release of “The future of the body”, where Dr. Mühlberger presents the wellness philosophy of orthomolecular and anti aging medicine, he surprise us with his new book that will transform cosmetic medicine.

In “The diet of the future”, the celebrities’ doctor teaches us how to choose, combine and cook food, so we can achieve a balance body through genetic nutrition.